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Preservation Quality Frames, Matting & Glazing

Larson Juhl Picture Frames

Larson Juhl

Fine Wood Mouldings

For over 100 years, Larson-Juhl has created custom frames of enduring style and superior craftsmanship. Larson-Juhl has a passion for design and a reputation for creating frames that are true works of art. With hundreds of Larson-Juhl frames to choose from, you can easily mix and match decorating and artistic styles. Larson-Juhl frame mouldings are designed to last, both in their quality and their style. They were the first moulding manufacturer to earn environmentally-friendly certifications from both FSC and PEFC.

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Nurre Caxton Picture Frames

Nurre Caxton

Contemporary Classics

Timeless design that’s at home in the present – that’s the hallmark of the Nurre Caxton Contemporary Classics line. Classic furniture and contemporary lighting fixtures, carved woods contrasting with simple metal lines…Mixing styles of the past and the present has become a popular way of making one’s house into a comfortable, stylish and uniquely personalized home. Nurre Caxton’s Contemporary Classics combine an elegant element of past with a shape or finish that’s truly modern.

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Bainbridge & Artique matboard


Preservation Matboard

Bainbridge offers the most extensive selection of high-quality matboards and foamboards. Choose from a vast assortment of colors, fabrics and textures, many available with patented Artcare™ technology for industry-leading preservation and permanence. Frame Works also offers acid-free, lignin-free Artique conservation matboard in a beautiful palette ranging from classic neutrals to fresh, bold colors, as well as 100% solid cotton Rag Mat by Crescent.

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Preservation Frame Materials

Frame Works uses only preservation quality materials.

How does this help YOU?

We follow proper preservation practices to ensure that your project can be displayed & enjoyed for a lifetime. Using only the best materials means that your treasured heirlooms and priceless art will be protected from the damaging effects of time & the environment.

Frame Works mouldings and frames are made from solid wood with finishes using state of the art machinery and products. Other are made using old world methods, using the same products craftsmen have used for years, and are still applied by hand. Stringent testing results in durable and consistent finishes. All mats are Conservation quality. These mats are acid free and lignin free, alkaline pH buffered, bleed and fade resistant. We also offer 100% solid cotton Rag Mat ™, by Crescent.

Museum Glass

What about Glass?

Glazing is available in a variety of types:

  • Premium Clear: blocks 45% of UV rays.
  • Reflection Control: blocks 45% UV rays and reduces glare from lights.
  • Conservation Clear: blocks 99% of UV rays.
  • Conservation Reflection Control: blocks 99% of UV rays and reduces glare from lights.
  • Museum Glass: blocks 99% of UV rays and allows for 97% light transmission, which makes it the clearest and least reflective glass option. Often people look at the display and ask if there is really glass over the picture!
  • Acrylic: comes in clear and non-reflective. It is used most often when weight is a concern or public settings where there is concern about possible broken glass, such as schools.

Latest Frame Mouldings

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